The Under $10 Stocking Stuffer List

It just hit me yesterday, 15 more days and it’s Christmas. Is that right?!  At Etsy NY we have over 250 team members.  Crazy right? But we are a city of over 8 million people.  Lots of makers.  Hence, you have lots to choose from when shopping.  If you missed last weekend's Handmade Holiday Cavalcade don’t worry, there is still time to shop.  However, since everything is handmade, many makers are running low on inventory.  Don’t fret.  Check out this list and some sellers are on Etsy’s new app call Etsy ASAP.  If you live in NYC you can get same day delivery!

I chose a few favorites from the Etsy NY team that I think would make great stocking stuffers for all interests of people.  

For the writer from Be my Be, a motivational pocket journal or sketch book.  Great tween or teen gift. What this will cost ya, $8.00

For the foodie or quinoa addict, body tattoos.  The Nancydraws Shop has lots to choose from.  Quinoa or kale being the two latest food crazes are available as a temporary tattoo. For $5 this will bring your gift receiver some laughter.  Sometimes Christmas can just get too serious. 

Nancydraws Shop

Have a history buff or journalist to buy for? Something unique, pen nibs dating back to the earlier part of last century.  Aminyitray's shop has a wonderful collection of antique curios.  Priced at $10 one of these nibs can be the beginning of a great collection.

DIY gift for a child or adult, Owl Burlap Ornament kit from DivineNY. At $9 this is a great gift for a teacher, students, child in your life or hobby crafter.  Kit comes with fabric, sequins, everything you need except the craft glue! 

Jewelry. Yes there is a jewelry piece under $10 and is unique and perfect for a child or adult.  From PinkTimber, a small minimalist square wood pendant in a beautiful violet color. 

There are so many gifts from our Etsy NY makers under $10 that look like a $100.  Be sure to visit Etsy and type in the search bar etsynyteam.

Happy Shopping!

Tracey  |