Floral and Cacti Color Palettes

cacti with orange

Recently I made a trip to Los Angeles for a family wedding.  I have not been to the City of Angels in about 15 years.  The last time I was there was for work, a design research trip.  So my experience and exposure was specific.  This recent trip I stayed in the Brentwood section.  We didn't have a car so we walked or took a cab.  We were there for 5 nights and each morning my 15 month old daughter and I would walk for coffee.  The walk was about a mile, which for us living in NYC is not a big deal.  We would pass many beautiful houses but what I was more in love with was the landscaping.  Living in the northeast we can't really have a cactus garden.  Our growing season is not that long and we have 4 seasons.  I fell in love with the bamboo, the varieties of cacti and the large beautiful blooming flowers.  And what I find most interesting is as a designer, this time of year I start thinking about fall color palettes.  I can create my palette from these floral landscapes.  Inspiration. 

lavender, bamboo

I couldn't believe how thick the bamboo can get and how full and large the lavender shrubs can grow.  

green cacti
dew rose

This rose with dew, above, is like a photo from a book.  I couldn't believe my eyes that this was so natural and perfect.  Crimson red, deep pink, purple tips surrounded by shades of green.  My favorite is the green cacti with orange at the top of the post.  Below is the palette I created from it; fern green, blue sage, dusty white peach,  faded carrot and burnt red.  A beautiful end of summer, beginning of fall palette.  Look around you and create some color. 


Enjoy the rest of our summer days and I look forward to Indian Summer.