Your Summer Handbag

What is it about purses? I swear I do get tired of mine after 2 to 3 months and am ready for a refreshing change.   This past season in March I started using my neon pink Kate Spade leather handbag.  Being bright neon pink really does perk me up in the "it's almost over, this horrible weather period" in NYC.  "Where is Spring???"  Then as the weather warmed up I moved onto my colorblocked black and cream vegan leather tote.  In June,  the temperature changed and so did my purse.  It became warmer and I really didn't feel like carrying a leather or vegan leather bag.  I needed something lighter and happier!  I turned to my own inventory in my shop and began using a pink and white flower print canvas bag with bamboo handles.   I am getting the itch again.  It is almost August.  Do I get something wicker? Or maybe something more durable like duck canvas that I can use at the beach and carry to work. Decisions.  So I am turning to the Etsy NY Team and see what I can find in their shops.

Jess Switaj  coral silk clutch

Jess Switaj  coral silk clutch

Decisions, decisions and all from local New Yorkers!

Happy Bag Shopping!