Tips for entertaining in small spaces

I love to socialize and gather with friends…in a city like New York, the options of restaurants, bars and lounges are endless. However doing these bitter cold months, who really feels like bundling up, bracing the fierce wind and going out? I know I don’t!

But I’m always up for a small gathering at home for game night, watching a movie or simply just drinking and gabbing! For us city dwellers entertaining can be challenging, but don’t let a small space stifle your style!

Here are a few tips to help you host the perfect winter gathering within a confined space.

Guest List

  • Keep the guest list small – anywhere from 5 – 15 people.

Décor & Colors

  • Keep it simple and elegant with durable white dinnerware or decorative paper plates.
  • Accent your dining décor with colorful napkins, flowers and candles.
  • If you have an array of colorful dinnerware, mix and match them! Select flowers and candles in one common color to tie it all together.
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  • Serve food buffet style as opposed to a sit down dinner.
  • Entertain with heavy appetizers and finger foods making it easier for your guests to eat and mingle while standing.
  • Spread out the drinks in different corners so people will not congregate in one spot.
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Furniture, seating and layout

  • Add floor pillows for extra seating.
  • Push your dining table against the wall to serve as a buffet table, add a few coffee. tables next to the dinning table to hold silver ware, plates or other food items.
  • Empty a few shelves on your book case to make room for appetizer platters.

Share your small space entertaining ideas in the comments below!

by: Rekha Krishnamurthi