Rice, Fabric and Some Basic Sewing Skills- Make a Door Snake!

My husband and I moved into a ground floor apartment two years ago.  Two winters have passed.  There are 2 doors into the foyer where our main door is located.  The second entryway door is always left open creating a very chilly hall way in the winter.  This lovely chill makes it's way into our apartment via under the door.  Now with a baby who spends alot of time on the floor we had to fix the problem.  Time for me to make a draft blocker also called a snake.  If you have a machine and fabric this will take no time at all.  It probably will take you longer to go to the store to pick up the rice.


  • 1/4 yard of woven fabric that is 44" wide

  • rice

  • sewing machine

  • I used a basic quilting cotton for one side and a ticking canvas for the other side

  1. measure the length of your door
  2. cut fabric to be this length with a width of 3 1/2 - two pieces needed
  3. lay fabric face to face and sew 3  sides with 1/2" seam allowance keeping a short side open
  4. turn inside out using a loop turner or a safety pin with a ribbon attached.

Ok what's a loop turner?     Check out this fantastic description on burdastyle.com for instructions.

  1. pour rice in
  2. turn in seams at the opening and sew shut

All done and warm! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Crafting!

Tracey  //  http://traceytoole.blogspot.com/

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