Crafty Changes in the New Year

Last night while grocery shopping Harper threw one of her toys out of the stroller.  I didn't realise it immediately so we started going up and down every aisle retracing our steps.  I asked an employee and a customer overheard me.  Her and her daughters saw the little squeaky penguin toy.  However it wasn't where they saw it.  I was pretty bummed because this was a gift from her Uncle in Australia.  I guess I just need to get use to this happening.  Harper and I continued to go thru every aisle and this woman and her daughters also helped us.  Her daughters found it on a shelf and started waving to me from the other end of the aisle.  I was so happy.  I think I was so happy not only because they found it but also they were so sweet and helpful.  I think it may be contagious, maybe it's just in us, that feeling of renewing and wanting to be better at the beginning of the new year.

It's absolutely freezing today in most of the country.  Here in Brooklyn it is a chilly 4 degrees.  But it's the new year so let's talk about change.  I personally celebrate my new year on my birthday in September.  However the new year always makes me reflect and ponder.  It's not a bad marker to try and make changes, even small ones.  I asked on my personal facebook page if any one had suggestions for resolutions or if they were making any changes.  I got a few answers that I really liked.  A friend and roommate from college who is now a teacher of second graders suggested minimal but meaningful.  I do think if we make huge, mountainous promises to ourselves then they are harder to achieve.  We let ourselves down and just feel bad about it.  Minimal but meaningful.  Picking up crayons if someone drops them.  Helping someone be a better reader.  These are second grader suggestions but really applicable to all of us. Or maybe just starting to floss your teeth, a minute out of your day.  Thanks Jim Shepherd.

Minimal but meaningful, open the door for someone, offer your seat to the elderly person or pregnant woman on the subway or simply say good morning to someone on  the street.  It's really not that hard.  It might make you happier.

How about something bigger? Something for yourself? Set a goal? My goal is that I want to take a photography class and get my website up. So I have been checking out places for the class.  Ever since my place of employment, 3rdward, closed, I have been looking for other places to take classes.  There are definitely plenty to choose from.

The Brooklyn Brainery - Prospect Heights,  check out their grab bag classes. My fave thing: classes under $50!

The Textile Arts Center - in Manhattan and Brooklyn (Gowanus)  10% off Book Art Class. Other classes offered are weaving, basket making and youth after school programs.

Make Workshop - 195 Christie St in Chinatown/ Soho.   Needlepoint, draping, quilting, sewing, shoemaking.

Brooklyn Craft Company - 61 Greenpoint Ave Greenpoint Brooklyn.  Fun classes include terrarium making, cookie and cake decorating, and coming up on January 15th perfume making!

Skillshare - 25% off classes until January 10th, project based classes, check out DIY Audio Mixing

Kollabora - mostly craft classes online.  You can learn to make a project and share it!

I hope you found something interesting or inspiring in this post and I hope you are having a great start to the new year!

Take a class, learn something, it will make you feel like a better person!

Stay Crafty!