NY Fashion Week Marc by Marc

As a designer I am always eager to see what's happening in NY Fashion Week.  It's almost more interesting to see what gets publicized because those are the most outrageous, most popular, most mainstream, most boring or most something!  Many of the outfits we see from fashion week are unwearable but rather art.  That's fine. I have always been a fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs.  I find this Marc Jacobs line to be the most wearable, and still unique and stylish.  Also Marc Jacobs usually thanks his team.  Here are a few shots from this season's fashion week which is Spring 14 ready to wear.

geometric florals

mens and womens in black polka dots

womens in mens styling with an elegant feminine drape

There was a lot of mens and womens clothes mimicking each other, with plenty of suit styling to choose from.

One thing I did notice and probably because I recently just read an article in the NY Times is that there were not a whole lot of models of color. A little disappointing since Marc Jacobs has the clout to be a leader.

I will finish with one of my faves,  a top to be worn by itself or with jeans.  I will never tire of stars!

What are your thoughts on the Fashion Week for Spring 14? Did you read the NY Times article on models of color?

Tracey Toole