While looking for inspiration I scrolled through recent blog posts published by Etsy NY team members on their personal blogs, when this post by Tracey, one of our own contributors, caught my eye.

In her post Tracey shows us a number of different uses of bias tape like the panel trim on this little dress. Binding tape basically consists of strips of fabric that are sewn together until they are long enough to go around the item you want to decorate. There are two types of binding tape:

  1. Bias tape where the fabric is cut at a 45 degree angle to the grain of the fabric resulting in a stronger binding that easily adjusts to curves; and 
  2. Straight-grain-cut binding where the binding is cut parallel to the grain resulting in a less durable binding that is, however, easier to cut and handle than bias tape

Making your own binding is pretty easy especially when you have one of these handy bias tape makers that look like this:

This is my 1/2″ tape maker.

You cut up your fabric to the requisite width, feed it through the tape maker and it comes out perfectly folded on the other side. You then fold the tape in half and iron it flat. I used this tape to decorate an upcycled cardigan

and a cashmere throw

Amy Karol still has the best and funniest instructions on how to sew on bias tape. Check out her video here:

 So, what will you do with your fabric strips?