Don't Be Obtuse


anot pointed or acuteblunt

(1) of an angleexceeding 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees  (2) having an obtuse angle obtuse triangle

This was the title of yesterday's Etsy Finds newsletter. Not wanting to appear obtuse, our team members have plenty of products that will keep you sharp.

Tiny Triangle Ring by Virginie Millefiori

This ring actually appeared in yesterday's newsletter. (Congrats Virginie!) It's a supercute ring that you can order in any size, color, and finish designed by Virginie Millefiori.

Diamond Shaped Headband by Brooklyn Owl

Diamonds and sparkles are a girls best friend. This headband handmade by Brooklyn Owl is also available as a fascinator in different colors.

Small Verdigri Geometric Framework House by 2of2

Lots of angles on this one. A tiny 3D line drawing crafted from precision cut birch by the brother-sister team Dan and Mer Dundin of 2of2

Geometric String Art Design, Blue and Green Hyperbolas by Koto Designs

And finally, some hyperbolas created using blue and green embroidery thread by Koto Designs.

For more local geometric angles, shop here.