Background Inspiration


Recently I had a conversation with a friend who is in the creative business and we got on the subject of what we listen to while we work.  Most of us on the Etsy NY Team work independently and don't have to worry about sharing sound space.  We know that music makes us feel inspired, sad, energetic or relaxed but what do we listen to where we can work and concentrate and feel good.  I posed this question to my fellow team members and received such a variety of responses.  

The most popular response was NPR (National Public Radio) and the Moth, which are true stories told live.  Camille of and Angie of Angie Colombo Jewelry both listen to the same programs and they both are jewlery designers....hmmmm..... interesting. 

Angie Colombo Jewelry

Christina from along with many others listens to   The one cool extra about this self assigned task was I checked out each responders website or etsy shop. Christina's blog and etsy shop pleasantly surprised me.  She is an illustrator of nautical items. 

Reading that she likes to listen to the moth and seeing the nautical pieces just clicked to me.  Being on the water and listening to stories, seems like an automatic link.

Looking for a new radio station?  

Rosie of Hanky Blanky listens to I am looking forward to listening to some music I haven't heard and discovering new bands.

Hanky Blanky

From a few artists I received such precise responses I was so impressed. Amy from Sweet Olive Jewelry had the most interesting, exact response. 

Amy listens to something different for each task. BBC News- review orders, cut wire, form rings, prep rings when it is time to solder rings, file rings, hammer rings she listens to Brian Lehrer.  For finishing and polishing she turns on Leonard Lopate.  Time to pack and ship orders? It's time to listen to Fresh Air. All NPR programs.

While Wade of is more productive when he has happy things playing in the background. That may be a comedy station on Pandora or some Muppet/Disney tunes or an NPR podcast like This American Life or Story Corp. The more up it is the more up he is.  

Jenny who make the most beautiful bee jewelry and sells on etsy thru J. Topolski most enjoys the streaming videos on

It is interesting to see what people listen to and what they design. How do the programs influence and inspire their creativeness? 

Tracey Toole