Quick and easy Pom Pom Ornaments

Do you love yarn but can't knit? Want to add some diy creative craftiness to your holiday tree? Pom pom ornaments are such an easy and quick way to add some cuteness and fun to your Christmas tree.

All you need is a skein of nice bulky yarn. I used Cascade Magnum, it is a nice bushy thick wool and not too expensive. A large pom pom maker and a pair of fabric scissors.

click here for pom pom maker I purchased mine along with the yarn at Purl Soho

Follow the directions on the back of the pom pom maker package but basically all you do is open it up, wrap yarn till it is nice and thick around one side.  Then repeat on the other side.

clip thru yarn on both sides

open up maker and tie your tie (I used matching yarn). Tie it tight.

open up pom pom maker, fluff pom pom. 

 and tie the tie a bit tighter with a knot. Hang on tree. 

For a little more sparkle on some of the pom poms I also intertwined a dmc metallic embroidery floss.

Happy Crafting!