Photo Essay of A New Market

In our house we are getting ready to load in to the Union Square Holiday Market, just three weeks after closing up at the Meatpacking market. The holiday market opens one week from today on November 16th. But long before the booths are filled with goodies, there's the craziness of "if you build it, they will come." Visits to IKEA (this time in limited light thanks to Hurricane Sandy) and Home Depot (where some things were sold out thanks to Storm Athena). We're forever making long lists of what has to be transported: 2 heaters, 2 tables, 3 mirrors, 8 table legs, drill, nails, track lighting, garbage pail, shelves, phone charger... two pages long, but somehow it all fits into Natasha's godmother's car. Oh, and the jewelry!

Natasha (left) whose dream it has been to sell at Union Square since she attended high school a few blocks away. This was taken last summer. We were exhausted and it was only 10 a.m. Now we get to do it in the cold!

The elation of starting a new market, like a sheet of white paper before you open the 64-color crayon box.

The IKEA gods watch over Natasha as she turns boxes of parts into real furniture. Many vendors hire a contractor to build out the booth. Since she is handy with a drill, Natasha wanted to do much of it herself. 

"Does this thing work?"

At the end of a long load-in day, it's time to zip-tie and padlock the shop closed. Ready for the crowds... the shop is complete.

We can't wait to do it all again, this time at Union Square. Come by and visit!!

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