Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Hi, everybody. I am one of the newest members of the blog team. My name is Melissa Hile and my shop is called Prairiefunk. I specialize in fashion-forward, boho chic gemstone beaded jewelry. I use gemstones from the Americas, India and East Asia as well as glass, brass, paper and copper from Africa. Suede, silk, silver and gold chain, beading, weaving, hand-hammering and wire-wrapping - all are in the old wheelhouse! I love to learn and I love to share, and being a member of the overall team and the blog team gives me the chance to do both. Thanks so much for letting me be a part.

A Little About Me: I am originally from the grassy plains of the northern prairie. After college, I had the chance to check out the wild, succulent lands of the desert southwest, where I found out while moonlighting as a waitress that unholstering and setting one's gun on a table at a restaurant is considered polite. Not a hold up.  Then, just as I was getting a foothold in this alien cultural landscape, I found myself with an opportunity to move to the opposite end of the spectrum, gritty ole nasty and positively electrifying NYC! Here, I got my MFA, did some work, then taught for several years at Brooklyn College. Now, after all these years, the downtown street smell of Chinese food, auto exhaust and urine isn't nasty anymore - it just smells like opportunity!

On that note, I'd like to ask you guys and gals: Is there anything in particular that you'd like to read about from me? That you'd like to have researched? What kind information do you find most helpful? What is inspiring to you? Comforting? Motivating?

Let me know!

Thanks again for letting me be a part of the team. I look forward to your comments.