Morning Glories

I love these early morning moments when moon flowers say good-bye and morning glories greet the day. As an urban gardener I can provide my charges with only very condensed space; however, their lack of abundance, highlights their singular beauty even more. Here are some examples of how I  created an intimate space in a garden the size of a postage stamp.
After our move, we no longer needed this baker's rack in the kitchen, so it found a new home outside. I outfitted it with some odds and ends from the Salvation Army store such as a cake pan that furnished a new home to the strawberry dianthus and a statue of the Virgin Mary in the hope she'd bless this undertaking. New seedlings are stored on the lower shelves.
The basked on the side used to house my cutting boards. After I lined it with sphagnum moss it be came the perfect spot for some bright red geraniums. Now, can you spot the turtle on the upper shelf?
I have no idea, why we packed this ancient bathroom toy, but I'm glad we did because it is now the perfect "pot" for some baby succulents.
Gallon paint cans make great flower pots. You can even hang them from their handles if you wish. I like the junkyard feel of the just about to bloom four-o-clocks against the rusty patina of the paint can.
Another example of the many uses of the sushi mat. Here it holds up some overly energetic zinnias. Like this one:

I hope you enjoyed the tour.