July Freebie: Vendi Paperdoll Fairy

This month's printable comes to us from Etsy NY seller Suzanne Urban. Vendi is a cupcake and caffeine bearing fairy who lights upon the tents of ETSY sellers when they need her most. She brings good luck to the seller and if printed out on cardstock, cut out and hung with fisherman's line in one's tent she will keep your spirits up and happy. Vendi was enhanced with Maxwell house coffee, inktense pencil and acrylic paint.You can download Vendi here.

Bee Lady

As a contemporary folk artist, Suzanne combines painting and illustration techniques with her quirky sense of humor to create whimsical pieces.

Wine Lover Magnet
In addition to her paintings, Suzanne also shares her wit with us through her second Etsy store SmirkingGoddess. As Suzanne explains, when she "puts pen to paper humor leaks out." A big thank you to Suzanne for sharing her art.