Summer Novelty Dresses

Zara - almost looks like shells or feathers. I love  the peter pan collar and pleated front.
Summer is clearly hear in New York City and the rest of the east coast. We have already had some 90 plus degree days and it looks like we will be having more this weekend.  Times like these I feel bad for the guys having to wear pants to work. This is when I feel lucky and girly getting to throw a dress on and some strappy sandals or my favorite reef flip flops and be done. Working in Soho and the garment district,  I have been seeing lots of novelty and conversation print dresses. What are these? Just what it sounds like, a print that may strike up a conversation. To be more clear, it could be a scene or a simple motif repeated out.

J.CREW  Filigree Embroidered strapless

J.Crew Anchors Dress
Bandanna style wrap dress from H and M


Walk into any store and you are sure to find a cute, unique summer dress and look hot for the next few months!