Go Green & Spring Cavalcade :: 2 markets. 1 day.

Saturday is a big day! It's May 5th, which means it's Cinco de Mayo. In our world of handmade goodies, it's also the Spring Handmade Cavalcade AND the Go Green! Greenpoint Earth Day Festival.

With so much handmade-goodness going on in one day, how do you see it all?? First, a visit to Hopstop. Have you used this before? Awesome for getting directions in the city that do not include a car. Holla for public transportation. Click here for directions from one market to the other. They aren't very far apart, but there will be a train (or 2) involved. Travel time is approximately 8 minutes, but you know how the train can be on the weekend.

{Go Green! last year. Hope the weather is as nice}

We have events going on all the time as well as participation from our team members in weekend markets all over the 5 boroughs. Check our events page for more.

One more note - May 3rd, tomorrow, is the start of Shop Your Values Week. If you like to shop locally, ethically and/or sustainably, this is your week to join thousands of others by using the power of your wallet. Support your local markets & business people!