Spring Cavalcade Craftiness is almost upon us!

The Spring Cavalcade is almost here! Next Saturday May 5th get ready for an incredible selection of fine hand made crafts you can't find all at once anywhere else. And of course it wouldn't be a true handmade event if the decor wasn't cut, folded, glued and strung by hand! Take a look at these fun spring flowers we made in preparation for our big day.

First we made colorful cupcake paper flowers using several sizes and colors of cupcake liners, cut holes in the middle and slits along the sides. Then we made a knot on ribbon, strung them on facing out and ended with a knot at the opposite end.

Then we cut long strips of colorful paper, folded them in half and taped the ends, repeated this 4 times, taped all the buds together and voila! A spring flower ready to string on ribbon and hang from the ceiling!

Please come see all our hand made decorations and so much more Saturday May 5th 11-5 at Littlefield in Gowanus Brooklyn 622 Degraw and 4th Ave