Only 24 More Days...Don't Drop the Ball!

Piggy-backing on yesterday's post about Mother's Day cards, who says it's too early to start thinking of that perfect gift for the one who brought you into this world? Don't procrastinate (as your mother might say to you), and let us here at the {NewNew} give you a jump start on some awesomely unique gift ideas.
Your mom's a modern gal on the go...why not get her the perfect mode of transport for her smart phone? This fun and funky crocheted gadget cozy from Bshorr will keep her phone safe and snug, easy to find in the depths of her purse, and even has a clever little wristlet attached so she can securely loop it around her wrist. Genius!

Sure, you can get Mom that same ol' boring spring shell-and-cardigan-combo from Banana Republic or an equivalently snoozefest ensemble...why not kick it up a notch with a bold and brilliant silkscreen shirt from Kimmchi? It'll give her wardrobe an edgy bit of style that's not too over the top, and with its super-flattering fit, it's sure to be her spring and summertime wardrobe staple.

How fun are these? And what better way to show your mom that her comfort is top of mind for you than with these gorgeous blue suede moccasins from SuedeSoul? Not only will she smile every time she glimpses down at her feet, she'll be thanking you for giving her tired soles such a treat.

Show Mom how much you treasure her with this vintage treasures locket necklace from Adornments NYC. A timeless style that's sure to become her everyday signature piece of jewelry, she'll be touched by the lovely symbolism of each sweet charm.

Don't drop the ball...start your shopping now! And yes, I'm aware that I probably sound like your mother...