Facebook Covers of The {NewNew}

So there is no avoiding it, Facebook's Timeline is upon us whether you like it or not. Change, however, can be a great opportunity for you to play around with some really cool designs that truly express your current mood, or in the case of a fan page, your brand. For links to some helpful sites that can assist you in designing your cover scroll down to the bottom of this post. But first, here are some examples of how {NewNew} members have updated their Facebook pages to show off their products and create brand awareness.

For her fan page, Stephanie chose a brilliant image that shows off her incredible craftsmanship and also invites you with her beautiful portrait.

Kimm creates apparel with bold, abstract designs. Her Facebook cover truly expresses the design sensibility that is reflected in her work and also ties in seamlessly with the branding of her etsy shop as you can see from her Etsy shop banner below:

When I put together my cover, I wanted to show off my "stuff," but it was also important to me that the little avatar space tied into the Facebook cover overall. The easiest way for me to do that was to create a collage of images that was framed in a way similar to the avatar insert.

And finally here is Lauren's cover. Like Metalicious, she also opted for a strong product shot and added an avatar that features another one of her bag designs.

For a selection of really creative Facebook cover designs and a template to help you build yours check out Alvaris Falcon's post on HongKiat.com entitled Facebook Timeline Covers: 40 (Really) Creative Examples. If you are looking for a quick gorgeous plopper visit Bella LuElla's blog for a selection of beautiful customizable Timeline Covers and don't forget to thank her for sharing her work.

Would love to see how you customize your cover.