A Few of My Favorite Eco-Friendly Things by {NewNew} Artists

When I started writing for the {NewNew} I promised that I would feature artists in the {NewNew} who design, create, and make items from reusable sources.  It's been a long few months and I've finally decided to show off a few of my favorite artists.

 From here on, I'll interview these artists one-on-one and hopefully they will share their secrets behind being eco-friendly warriors. Until then, here's what I'm coveting by them (I am going to blame the strange, spring like weather in February for not being able to string more than a few sentences together in today's post.):


remnant ultra soft leather pleated clutch in midnight blue // la pochette

Yes, this is for a child's bed, I know, but I can still wish it were made for adults.  

Crib Basic Bedding Set - 100 Percent Organic Wool Filler - Sunshine Yellow Sateen


Custom Corner Shelving


German pfennig coin necklace with pretzel charm

 I don't know about you, but I can't wait to interview these artists!