Happy Friday the 13th!

Clouds from the No. 7 Train Platform by Astrodub
Friday the 13th. Does this date make you shudder with dread, or anticipation, or does it merely elicit a shoulder shrug from you? Since 2012 provides us with an unusually large number of Friday the 13th dates, I was interested to find out what other craft/artisan related superstitions we at the {NewNew} may harbor.


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Numbers seem to be in-/auspicious for many of us including myself: When I knit or crochet I never end on a 13th row. I just don't. Beth always tries to cast on a number of stitches that is a multiple of 6 or if that fails, a number of stitches that add up to a year that is personally meaningful to her. May has a thing for the number 8 and will set her kiln temperature to one that includes that digit.

Crochet Popcorn Pillow by bshorr


Angel always does the following after she finishes setting up at a market:
I go and get a coffee from a vendor within the market (or a cookie, or something to drink, etc). The way I see it, by feeding the monster so to speak, it gives me something back. Works every time ;-D
Lauren tries her best not to have any superstitions/ahem habits in anything relating to her business in order not to to feel like her success might be based on doing some habit or act. (Now, is not having a habit a habit?)

Leather Smart Phone Sleeve by LolaFalk Designs


This to me was the most interesting "habit" and one I can totally relate to. Our technological tools often seem to have "minds" of their own that must be appeased. For example, whenever Lisa's printer wakes from sleep mode she has to "feed" it an offering. The first print after it wakes up is always gibberish. Also, the number of copies she prints at a time is important. She never prints more than 25 copies in one batch. Printing any more than that in one sitting courts disaster resulting in odd symbols being printed rather than the congratulatory message originally intended.

So, on this lucky or cursed day would you share your "habits" with us?

Happy Friday the 13th