If you have an Etsy shop and a Facebook fan page that you use to connect with your customers, you will be happy to know that it is now even easier to link the two.  This allows shoppers to instantly like your shop's Facebook page from your Etsy shop while browsing your wares. Once the connection is established, you can post items from your shop to your Facebook account without having to switch from your shop to Facebook.

Here is an image of my fairly new shop, The Hairy Vetch, where I sell hair accessories. It's not connected to the social world yet and looks a little lonely.

Clicking on the Facebook icon under the shop banner brings me to the Info and Appearance page of my shop. From there I can select the Facebook page I want to connect to the shop and instantly the Facebook Like button appears on the page.

Once I click the Like button, Facebook registers that I am my first fan!

Use the same process to connect your shop to Twitter. With a Twitter connection:
  • Shoppers will see a Follow button for your Twitter account below the banner of your Etsy shop.
  • You’ll be able to tweet about each new listing you add to your shop.
  • Anyone who has Followed you through Etsy will see your updates in their Twitter Timeline.

Now I should start my conversation with my future fans. For some tips on how to have a meaningful and professional social media presence in your shop, check out Etsy's Guide to Facebook.

Let's connect!

Thank you to Etsy a Holiday Handmade Cavalcade sponsor.