We're decking the halls!

The Cavalcade is ALMOST HERE and we've been putting our best elf hats on in preparation. Our theme is a winter wonderland and what evokes the season more than snowflakes? Just like our crafts, we've hand-made each one so that just as in nature no two are alike.
For those crafters out there, here are a few tips to create your own wonderful designs: take several pieces of paper (plain or recycled for the environmentally conscious), cut them into long strips of 3 different lengths, loop the ends and then staple the loops. Repeat and then attach the two strips by cutting a small slit into the center of each and slide them into each other on a perpendicular line. Twenty-five or so staples later and you have a snowflake!
This year is going to be great and the decorations are only the very beginning of the fun! Come out to Public Assembly on the 3rd and see for yourself what all the excitement is about!

Seriously, one of the best ways to get original gifts is to come support your local NY crafters!