Holiday Handmade Cavalcade Gift Guide: for the Wall

Ok, I'm just going to say it. We have some talented members. Not just crafts people, but artists. Allow me to demonstrate with this gift guide. These are from vendors in the art category that you will find this year at the Handmade Cavalcade.

Time to make some room on your walls, folks.

LOOOOOOOOVE this picture, taken by Angel Jackson (aka AstrOdub) at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Any minute now I'm expecting something to happen in it; a tiny drop of water to appear or some exotic insect to crawl into focus. I'm just looking at it...watching...waiting...

I'm a sailer, so you could call me partial to this amazing oil by Jody Lee of A Studio By the Sea. However I think you could also just call this painting amazing. I can feel the spray on my face just looking at it. Darn you, Winter...this makes me want to get on a boat!

First off, awesome sky. Awwwwesome sky! Second, high 5 to Kelley for off-setting the soft wispy clouds with the graffiti statement. READ is bold, all caps - the billboard is yelling it's message, in your face, but with those dreamy clouds it achieves balance. Ahhhh...

My husband would flip for this. He is a hook fanatic! And this is wall rack I could get on board with. The owls are cute & I love something that can be personalized just for me & my family. Oh! Or! I wonder if I know anyone who's moving. Can you say housewarming gift?

First, I love the type. Second, I love the layout. Third, I love the woman, all inked up. She looks like a warrior. I need this in my office. Plus, if you're into carnival-themed art, she has more prints in similar styles. You could put together a set!

So, thoughts? Are you convinced that we have an über-talented bunch here? Well, come see for yourself at the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade on December 3rd. Directions are here. Preview who else will be vending here. Get some of that pesky holiday shopping done!

Ta-Ta for now!