Workspace Wednesday: the {NewNew} team features Meli Anna Anastasiadis

Welcome to another installment of Workspace Wednesday! This is where we take a peek into the workspace of an artist living and working in the New York City area. Most of us don't have basements or attics or sheds or spare bedrooms to turn into craft rooms. Many of us live in less than 1000 square feet, so we need to get creative with how and where we make our Craft.

Today we'll sneak a peak into the workshop of Meli Anna Anastasiadis, the proud owner of the unique modern vintage jewelry shop MeliAnnaA and paintings on wood shop PrettyLovelyPainting. Meli Anna sells gorgeous wire wrapped jewelry that she makes by hand. But wait, there's more. She also creates and sells hand painted wooden jewelry holders, too! Bonus!

Here is the sweet Meli Anna, in here Hell's Kitchen apartment-- her artist studio is in the 'spare' bedroom. Her 5-year-old daughter "loves it and plays with everything. My husband is exasperated by it but he loves me so much he handles half the house being living space and half being workspace" she says. (her husband and mine should go have dinner together) Here is the sweet Meli Anna, I love her work apron and her owly jewelry holder!

In addition to jewelry holders, she makes key racks, coat racks, running medals displays, personalized family name signs and writing journals. Whew! You've got to go check out both of her Etsy shops, her work is fantastic and so creative.

Now, let's see where she gets all that work done. Meli Anna and her family live on the 14th floor so they have a fantastic view and lots of sunlight. And she has different areas for making her work, photographing it and shipping it out. Take a look

And now you have a better idea about where this gorgeous jewelry is made by hand in New York City.
And you can hang them on one of my favorite jewelry holders handmade by Meli Anna: