Workspace Wednesday: {NewNew} team features Kerry McCashin

Welcome to another installment of Workspace Wednesday!  This is where we take a peek into the workspace of an artist living and working in the New York City area.  Most of us don't have basements or attics or sheds or spare bedrooms to turn into craft rooms.  Many of us live in less than 1000 square feet, so we need to get creative with how and where we make our Craft.

Today we're going to tour the workshop of Kerry McCashin, who sells creative, modern stationery in her Etsy shop, KBatty.  Kerry works out of her guest bedroom/laundry room!  Let's peek in:

How does she manage to make gorgeous, clean designs like this one in such a multi-purpose space?

Kerry says she is inspired "to be very organized because the space is tiny. For the most part, all my supplies are stored in the white boxes, sofa table-turned work table & set of small drawers in the corner. Everything was put together in this space carefully so as to make room for lots of things without feeling suffocating while I'm in here. I spend most of my days in here, with my white gateleg table folded out as my desk."  The desk she bought at Ikea, take a look:

Looks nice and neat-- and I love the inspiration board above her desk.  She says, "The board over my desk is always changing. And I use the white space behind my desk to put up other things - my "editorial calendar" is there now, but in the past I've had big sheets of white paper for quickly writing out ideas or taping up several versions of a design for reviewing."

This view says it all:  organized, clean, neat, everything in it's place.  Kerry I need you to come to my workspace next!!!

 And I love how the guest bed is included in the shot.  You can really see how she has solved the space challenge of New York artists!  And I adore this nautical themed card available in her Etsy shop:

Thank you so much Kerry for giving us the tour of your New York City workspace.  It's so inspiring to see how well you've used the small space you have!  And one last peek, the laundry part made me laugh as I can attest to the multi-purpose use of my own bedroom/studio/office/workspace/playroom!  Here is the other side of Kerry's studio, you can see the closet doors open to reveal the laundry area.  I love it!

Stay tuned for our next artist studio tour!  Thanks for reading.

Stephanie Maslow-Blackman