Workspace Wednesday: featuring S2 Stationery and Design

Welcome to another edition of Workshop Wednesday, where I take you into the studios of genuine New York City artists.  New Yorkers have the challenge of making our tinier-than-tiny spaces work to our advantage, while still keeping the creative juices flowing in our limited work areas.

Today I'm featuring sweet Sara of Saraes26 on Etsy.  She makes customized cards, invitations, wedding announcements, baby announcements and lots of great stationery designs!  Aren't these cute for your favorite foodie? Find them here.

So here is how she does it, in her own words.  "I tend to be one of those disorganized, organized people. I think it's mostly a result of how much space I have and how scattered my thoughts are, but also because I can't quite afford to have a separate studio space.  It also shows how when I'm in the middle of things I get lost in them. These photos show me in this moment-- April has been busy and quite messy. I've been getting ready for my first big "tabling/tenting" event with The {NewNew} since starting S2 Stationery and Design, finishing up orders, creating portfolios, and also attempting to organize and create neat spaces."

Sara is so cute!  I love her inspiration board above her desk.  I also totally understand how hard it is to think big in a small space, she does a great job.  With such a breadth of products, you seem to have lots of ideas and make them reality!  I adore special touch of the red ribbon against the lace on these wedding invites:

 I love Sara's inspiration, too.  She says, "A lot of my designs come from random dreams, or inspirations which is why right now my room is quite in disarray. I have pulled things out to see what I have in stock and can make right now. I've also started going through things to see how they inspire me to create other things. So I'm in quite a creative process. While it isn't ideal to carry on the messiness that I have been, I don't know that if I rented a space I'd have the same ability to spread out and see things the way I can now."

"My work space, while very much where work happens, also happens to be my space where I live, but I do try to keep a clear division of where my bed is from where I sit and work/design at my table. Sometimes I branch out into the living room to watch TV while cutting or folding, but for the most part I stay in my "work space."  

I also visit a coffee shop in Gowanus, Root Hill, where I know the owners and staff and a few friends go and I've been known to work there as well. Actually, that space allows me even more creativity as I can spread out, have coffee and food right at my finger tips and can focus on whatever I need to. I take photos of my work there, cut, glitter, glue and do a ton of my typing work there as well. Root Hill is one of my many muses."

So that's how she does it!  Gorgeous stationery, innovative design, all from her sweet, little studio and home.  Thank you Sara for sharing your space with us today!  Keep up the great work.

See you next time,
Stephanie Maslow-Blackman