Raise your Pom Poms for the Spring Handmade Cavalcade!

The Spring Handmade Cavalcade on May 7th is almost here! We are all thrilled to once again be part of this amazing event, at which dedicated {NewNew} members get together to create a hub of handmade crafts that you won't find anywhere else under one roof. Seriously, it's THE BEST place to get Mother's Day gifts. We plan, we promote, we create and of course we DECORATE!
This year we are celebrating spring with huge paper pom poms made of tissue paper, yarn, wire, and scissors. We had a great time making them and they look wonderful! Check out our craftiness:

Step 1: Get a fun group of people together, mix with a bottle of wine
Step 2: Choose your colors!
Step 3: Get your fold on!
Step 4: Wire your folds together and OPEN!
Step 5: Fluff!
Step 6: Repeat

Step 7: VOILA!

Step 8: Discover alternate uses for the pom pom!

We hope you will come check out our pom poms and much much more craftiness at the Cavalcade this Saturday 5/7 at Slate 54 West 21st Street between 5th and 6th Aves 10-5.