And now a word from our sponsor

Well, you may have heard...

The NewNew Etsy Team's Spring Handmade Cavalcade is coming!!!!

On Saturday, May 7th they will invade the Slate space at 54 West 21st Street in Manhattan and there will be lots of goodies on sale.  The Spring Handmade Cavalcade has been named one of the best shopping experiences in New York City so you don't want to miss it.

Now, none of this would be possible without the generosity of some big time companies who love and support handmade art and craft.  And we thank them from the bottom of our crafty little hearts.

Let's start with the big guns.  Etsy!  The NewNew team wouldn't even exist without Etsy because every person on the team has an Etsy shop, they are the reason we exist.  Thank you Etsy-- the best online place to buy handmade art and craft.  Anything your heart desires can be found handmade by a hard working crafter, just click this link here.

Another fabulous sponsor is one very close to my heart, well, neighborhood.  In the heart of the West Village lies one of New York City's best kept secrets...

The Ink Pad is a gorgeous little shop featuring everything you need for scrapbooking, paper crafts and has countless rubber stamps.  And they have classes... CRAFT TIME!!!  Come on down to 37 Seventh Avenue @13th St, there are so many fun things waiting for you there.  Thanks to The Ink Pad!

Our next sponsor has a really cool studio here in NewYork City, where they have lots of classes and events.  All having to do with knitting and crocheting and any other yarn project.  COOL!! 

Many thanks to Lion Brand Yarns, located at 34 West 15th Street.  And they are open every day but Saturday!  Check 'em out, they are an amazing resource and you will swoon over all the yarns to play with there.

Next up...  Ever have those days when you crave something sweet then something salty.  Then something sweet again.  And then something salty?  We've got something for ME, uh, I mean YOU!!!

Mmmmm hmmmmm.  SWINDLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES AND MCCLURE'S PICKLES!!!  I just drooled on the keyboard.  Check them out and soothe the endless sweet-n-salt cycle with some handmade deliciousness.  Thank you for sponsoring the NewNew Spring Handmade Cavalcade!!!

Our next sponsor will get you in touch with your inner zen knitter.  They are located in Soho at 459 Broome Street. 
It's a tiny nook of a store but it's chock full of luxurious threads, yarns, papers, notions... I could go on and on.  Trust me, Purl Soho is not to be missed!

Stay tuned for more from our sponsors next week.  We've got some amazing people in our corner and we are eternally grateful for all of them.

Thanks for reading!