Workspace Wednesday: featuring Muppetloon

Welcome to another edition of Workshop Wednesday, where I take you into the studios of genuine New York City artists.  New Yorkers have the challenge of making our tinier-than-tiny spaces work to our advantage, while still keeping the creative juices flowing in our limited work areas.

Here's how Anne Messley of Felt it does it.  She makes handmade applique items for both children and adults out of eco felt.  Anne makes adorable bags, tooth fairy pillows, t-shirts and most famously for her camera/tissue cozies.  She uses bright colors and fun themes in her work, and looking at her workspace you can see her inspiration!

I love how she has split the long table up with a shelving unit, with her sewing machine on one side and computer desk on the other.  To me it kind of represents an artist and business owner's mind-- creative on one side and administrative on the other.  And the bright red color of her walls is so bright and happy!

The next photo shows Anne's amazing organizational skills.  Since kids grow so quickly, there are so many t-shirt sizes for boys and girls.  And what better way to organize them than on open shelves where you can see what you have in stock.  I also love seeing all the little shirts hanging on the right!  So cute!

And at the end of a long day of sewing cute felt shirts and accessories, or when she needs to take a creative break here is where Anne hangs out.  It looks like a nice place to re-charge creative batteries.  Or take a well deserved nap!

Thanks so much for sharing you space with us Anne.  It's easy to see how you make such lovely and imaginative work in such a great space!

See you next time!

Stephanie Maslow-Blackman
Unique, Modern Jewelry