Tutorials We Have In Store For You This Month

As I mentioned yesterday, part of The {NewNew} National Craft Month celebration we are going to be bringing you some fantastic tutorials.  Since I just can't keep a secret here is what we have in store for you this month:

Later today (March 2nd) Karina from Windows of Agate will be bringing you a fun Felted Tic-Tac-Toe board tutorial.  Perfect for those rainy spring days that are just around the corner.  Oh, I so hope spring is just around the corner... but I digress.  The point is, come on back later today!
On March 8th, Simone from Grounsel will show us how to make wine charms.  Now if you are having a party, these will definitely come in handy.
On March 18th get your "green" on.  No not your St. Patrick's Day Green, your reuse, renew, recycle green.  Sara from S2 Stationery and Design will demonstrate than an envelope can be renewed and made beautiful.
On March 24th Angel from Cards in Stitches gets us started block printing.  Once you start with this technique you'll be block printing everything in sight - it is that much fun!
And then, last but hardly least On March 25th May from May Luk / Take Me Homeware is going to take the mystery out of screen printing when she shows us how to do a small run at home.
I personally can't wait for that one.  My boyfriend on the other hand is a little worried about what that means for the amount of space my design and craft supplies take up in our tiny apartment.

Happy Day Creative People
Holly / Ellis Design