My Favorite Things: Spring Green

The runways this past season were all pointing to greener pastures for Spring 2011. Green, from chartreuse to forest to mint, is everywhere. So, being the fashionable kind of {NewNew} chica that I am, I decided to play with my choice Etsy tool to see where it might lead:

How could I not start with this fabulous Kelly Green Wool Newsboy Cap from Rock & Salt? So smart and sassy, I would totally rock it while lounging on their favorite...

...the completely darling, perfect-for-Spring Pillows with A Firecracker Thistle Island Print from Better Than Jam. I feel a couch rehab project coming on.

Perhaps the only thing Better Than Jam is a Sweet Peas in a Pod Pin from one of her favorites, KnitKnit, who is enamored of...

...Lenny Mud, the maker of this fantabulous Chartreuse Moustache Mug.

See, it is easy being green! Check out all that {NewNew} artisans have to offer in this shade-of-the-moment. For a different kind of green, check out Karina's urban garden inspiration post. It'll put you in the mood and you'll be so on trend, you're friends will be green with envy.

Sue De
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