3rd Ward - Where New Skills Come To Life

My friend had this ring she always wanted to own. She could describe it, she could sketch it, but she never saw anything come close to her vision at any of the stores or markets she frequented. Fed up with it all she decided to take matters into her own hands and found a silversmithing class in Bushwick that would bring her closer to the one ring.

Bushwick? Silversmithing? Yup, and bicycle mechanics, screen printing, milinery, and dozens of other classes are offered at this warehouse space turned "incubator for innovation and possibility." At 3rd Ward you can find a wood and metal shop, a fully equipped jewelry studio, multiple photography studios and space to share to find inspiration with other like-minded "co-workers."

Opened in 2006 by Jason Goodman and Jeremy Lovitt in a 20,000 ft warehouse space on Morgan Avenue, 3rd Ward seeks to give you a home for creativity. Depending on your needs and budget, you can sign up for a class, or become a member of 3rd Ward. Membership comes with unlimited coffee, discounts on classes and studio space, and free access to events at the space. So, go ahead, unleash your inner furniture maker and get on the L train to take a 15 minute ride from Union Square to 195 Morgan Avenue in Brooklyn and discover 3rd Ward!