An Etsy Love Story: Rocks and Salt

It's fitting as we bring Valentines Week to a close (yes- I said Valentine's WEEK. Didn't you get the memo from Hallmark?) that we spotlight the{NewNew} version of Sonny and Cher, Ricky and Lucy Rhett and Scarlet Edward and Bella (except without the sparkles and he had his fangs filed down about three months ago following a botched root canal)...PHIL and SARA from ROCKS AND SALT. Hold onto your hats people as we examine the kismet that caused them to kiss and meet.
Phil was born in the Appalachian mountains and shared a room, a mattress, and one pair of socks with five brothers. Sara began her life as a dolphin. One day the dolphin swam to shore and a little girl climbed out.

Phil was home schooled and became one of the first people to successfully enter the Parallel Universe and return unscathed. Sara is well known for her attempt to break the world record for typing out the letter P on a keyboard. After 5,238,685 strokes she collapsed, muttering "I have to pee" and retired to the bathroom where she lived for two years before emerging as a brunette with a fear of typewriters.Sara has one mean bone in her body. It is her left femur.

Phil's drink: Jack, straight. His song: Thunder Road. But when none of his guy friends are around, it's actually Total Eclipse of the Heart. He likes to sing the high part. Phil tickles easily, and often has an uncontrollable urge to eat fried pork rinds.
The two met one night after Phil got off from work at Subway, where he had recently won the "Most Improved Employee" award for his stellar sandwich building skills. Sara had been traveling with a roving band of cotton candy vendors. It was a cold, dark night and neither of them had a hat.

The rest is history. Sara spoke to him of her love of bird watching and he showed her his hand towel collection. Now they live together with two rare pygmy goats and make hats. Which is not as easy to do since Phil only has three fingers left; the others were eaten by a zombie dog.

So put something wonderful onto your head! Stop by RocksandSalt and get a hat: before there is an act of God and it warms up or something.Lennymud