Snow Day!

Remember how those two words used to create an almost uncontrollable excitement? The slightly outlaw feeling of a legally sanctioned day off from school where you were encouraged (i.e. commanded) to play outside! The beauty of the snow and the urge to both admire and destroy. As adults, snow generally does not bring the same sense of wonder and possibility. Usually, it means griping and complaining. Well, in the spirit of childhood, here are some snow-related {NewNew} items that will help you remember that snow is magical.

First up is Izile's unique Magic Snow Vial pendant.
Look at this gorgeous, sparkly necklace by MulryJewels:

How apt to keep your tissues in muppetloon's snowman tissue cozy.PurtyBird's graphic flake will add flair to any outfit.

WarpeDesign has captured, through pin dots, the special quiet that falls over NYC with the snow.
Look at ApertureAgog's matted print all year round to remember how Brooklyn looks with frosting.

Make yourself a lovely mug of hot chocolate and enjoy the snow!

Until next time,