How To: 5 Tips to Expand Your E-mail Marketing

Expanding your e-mail marketing is a great way to grow your business.  For me expand means to actually start!  But how the heck do I do that?   Turns out after some research and brainstorming there are lots of ways. Here are 5 to get you (and me) started:

1.) When selling in person, ask for e-mail addresses! This one seems so simple but do you really do it?  I usually don't.  Having a clipboard and pen sitting on your sales table does not cut it – the idea is to ask for an e-mail address.   Consider a monthly give-a-way to boost interest.
2.) After a customer has purchased from you on your website, direct them to a page with an e-mail sign-up form. They’ve just had a terrific ordering experience, so surely they’ll want to hear from you via e-mail with special offers.
3.) Tap into all your contacts. Export a list of personal friends and business colleagues who know you from your Outlook, Gmail, AOL and Yahoo accounts. Send these people an e-mail, personally asking them to join your list.  Include a link to your opt-in form.  Be sure to let them know in the e-mail why they want to join your list: discounts, coupons or information exclusive to them.
4.) Grow your list with Twitter, Facebook and other social sites. Think of these sites as a boost for your e-mail program. When you create your newsletter or e-mail, post a link to it. Then you can let everyone know you’ve published your latest e-mail and remind them to sign up for your e-mail list if they haven’t already.
5.) Include a registration form on your site. With this you can gather addresses on your website, blog and social sites. Consider having multiple forms to track where people are signing up.

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