Around the Corner: The Museum of Natural History

Cold weather, snow, ice, short days... Cure for the winter blues?  A trip to a local museum!  With a sketchbook in hand, and a fellow illustrator in arm, I made a trip to the Museum of Natural History to get a good dose of inspiration, dinosaur bones, and yes, taxidermy.  

Where else could you get this close to animals of this size from around the world and really get a feel of their form and natural habitat all in one place?  Crazy cool!  

I've made numerous trips to this museum over the years, but every time something new piques my interest.  This time the dinosaur bones really took the cake.  When I was little I thought the sound of being an archeologist was just too cool.  And well, still today it sounds amazing.  Look what some of them get to unearth!

What: The Museum of Natural History
Where: 79th Street & Central Park West, Manhattan
When: Open Every Day 10:00am - 5:45pm
Admission: Donation (suggested $16 adult, $9 child)

What are your favorite museums in and around NYC?  Please post if you have a favorite one!
Until next time... ;)

Virginia Kraljevic