Raffle Winners!

One of the most awesome things at our Handmade Cavalcades is the chance to win a specially embellished (try saying that 5 times fast!) tote filled with items donated by {NewNew} members. Each time someone makes a purchase, they receive a raffle ticket. This year's Holiday Handmade Cavalcade winners and the NewNewer who provided the winning tickets are (drum roll, please):

Monique S. (Nordea Soaperie)
Marianne O. (L'Atelier des Bijoux)
Cathy V. (Yania Creations)
Kim C. (Fisk and Fern)
Maggie C. (Virginia Kraljevic)

Each raffle winners received the following treasure trove of handmade goodness:
Scented soy candle (LuCraftsCandles)
Rhinestone ring (Elle F Bijoux)
Set of handmade cards (Little Bunny)
Handmade holiday ornament (Ellis Design)
Pair of earrings (L'Atelier des Bijoux)
Zippered Pouch (Sans Map)
Set of coasters (Elments4InspirdLivng)
Amiguruni Ornaments (AmiTown Creatures)
Reusable Cup Sleeves (Woolly Boo)
Pair of earrings (Saru Star)
Vintage pendant (Lady Three)
Holiday ornament (Rosi Rouge)
Purse mirror (Lipeony)
Magnet set (Purty Bird)

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Hope to see everyone at our Spring Cavalcade!

Until next time,