How To: Felt Holiday Ornaments

I'm digging into the fabric scrap bag again,  this time to make holiday ornaments.  One of the things I really like about thee is that you can make them as simple or fancy as you like.  Personally, given my schedule I go for the simple route and call them charming.
Gather Your Supplies
*  Felt (wool, eco-felt work best as they are heavier but regular craft felt is fine as well)
*  Fabric scraps of all sorts
*  Ribbon pieces, bits of trim
*  Buttons, beads and other embellishments
*  Fiber fill (cotton balls will work as well)
*  Cord or embroidery floss
*  Scissors
*  Thread
*  Pins
*  Sewing machine is optional - you can hand sew
*  Fabric glue

Keep in mind that it is entirely up to you how fancy you make these.  Also, if you are working with kids you may want to use glue instead of sewing for some of the steps.
Lets Make Some Ornaments
  • To make the basic shapes for your ornaments the first thing you need to do is draw a template.  I did mine freehand but you can also head to your kitchen and grab cookie cutters and trace around them.  Mitten, stocking and tree shapes are quite easy to work with.
  • From the felt cut out several shapes.  I suggest doing several at a time to be more efficient.  If you want to keep your ornament simpler you can opt to use a single layer for each one.  However, these directions will show you how to make one with two pieces that is stuffed with a bit of fiber fill.
  • Now it's time to really get creative.  From your scraps cut out an assortment shapes to apply to your ornament.  Work with the pattern in the fabric and cut out specific elements to add.  Fill the center (leaving a felt border).  Keep in mind you can work with multiple layers too. Lay out your pieces and pin them down to make sure you like your composition before you start to sew.
  • Hand or machine stitch each piece to the felt base.  If working with kids glue is an option at this step.   If you are adding a second layer of fabric to your design do that next.
  • Sew on your beads, buttons, additional trim next.  
  • Cut a 6 inch length of cord or ribbon (hemp, metallic cord, even embroidery floss will work.  Fold in half and make a knot at the end, this will help keep the cord in place.
  • Put the two halves of your ornament together (right side out) and sandwich the cord in between the two pieces.  Stitch together leaving an opening to stuff.   Be sure to catch the cord as you are sewing.
  • Stuff with a small amount of fiber fill. Sew the opening closed and trim any uneven edges of the felt.
  • And that's it, you just made a holiday ornament. 

These make great additions to packages and if you leave the top open (w/o stuffing) they can hold gift cards.  Just measure your card and add a little extra to allow for your stitching.
If you stop by The {NewNew} Holiday Handmade Cavalcade on December 5th you will be able to register to win one of several extra special goodie bags.  Included among all the wonderful items will be an ornament similar to these.