Handmade Cavalcade Sponsor Feature: Knitty City!

One of the main sponsors of the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade is Knitty City, a beautiful yarn store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Opened in January of 2006, Knitty City is the realized dream of Pearl Chin, who designed it as a “ Yarn Studio”. It is devoted to beautiful materials for knitting and crochet, instructional classes and community connection.

Pearl and Arvin Chin

Knitty City’s selection of yarns reflects some of the best brands in the business. New and interesting yarns, and the products that complement them, are always popping up at Knitty City. In addition, the store has one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date collections of knitting, crochet and needle art books, magazines and patterns in New York.

Knitty City is committed to the people behind the yarn and designs, with a shared passion for the artistry that goes into their products. Book signings and events that allow friends and customers to meet authors and designers are regularly scheduled, and new and emerging young talent is highlighted with a monthly “Young Designer” Series.

The store offers classes to students at every level that are facilitated by experienced and friendly instructors. A weekly class for children allows them to explore their creative interests through knitting and crochet. A group of friendly and knowledgeable people is always on hand to help you in whatever way you need.

When I first walked into Knitty City, I was a new knitter and was a little apprehensive at entering into an unknown world of yarn, needle sizes, and indecipherable patterns. Pearl and the staff at Knitty City immediately swooped in, recommending projects for beginners and helping me choose a yarn fiber and weight to complement my design. I was hooked immediately, and have kept going back since.

Pearl keeps her store looking beautiful, with walls of shelving holding any yarn you could ever want. One corner of the store is devoted to the binders of free in-store patterns that you can browse through for as long as you want. The back of the store has tables where beginner and veteran knitters alike sit, share stories, and swap helpful knitting hints.

One of the most fantastic things about Knitty City is the dedication to community. Pearl wanted her store to benefit people in need, but instead of giving away finished products to charities she thought to supply non-profit groups with yarn & needles. She had already seen many friendships develop among her customers, and, with that in mind, she sought to develop “Knitting Circles” within non-profits. Knitty City's first project at the New York Asian Women’s Center, they provided yarn & needles for 40 women in two “safe houses” where they are protected from violence and abuse.

Knitty City is one of those precious New York City stores that makes the city worth living in. Conveniently located on the Upper West Side, this gem is a must see destination. Be sure to stop by the next time you're in the neighborhood!

Knitty City
208 West 79th Street (Broadway and Amsterdam), Manhattan
Hours: Monday, 11am - 6pm; Tuesday, 11am - 6pm (from 11/26 - 12/24 only; usually closed on Tuesdays); Wednesday, 11am - 8pm; Thursday, 11am - 8pm; Friday, 11am - 6pm; Saturday, 11am - 6pm; Sunday, 12pm - 5pm