Workspace Wednesday: {NewNew} team features Deborah Julian

I thought it would be fun to run a series showing you some workspaces of artists who live here in the New York City.  You see, we don't have basements or attics or sheds or spare bedrooms to turn into craft rooms.  Most of us live in less than 1000 square feet, so we need to get creative with how and where we make our Craft.

Today's feature is the art print making goddess, Deborah Julian.  She shares a one bedroom apartment with her husband and THREE CATS.  And all of them work at home.  Tricky right?  Not at all.  She and her husband work at an L-shaped desk.  If one of them gets up there is a cat waiting to jump into the empty chair and presumably take over the work shift.  So it's a non-stop-workaholic-feline-frenzy in their apartment.  Look at how cozy and organized it is:

Deborah creates her cards on the computer using images of her cats.  They are always supervising to make sure she shows them at their best.  Look how thrilled they are to be included in my blog post:

And the finished product looks awesome, this 8x8.5" portrait shows her cats in Paris.  Personally, I think cats in Europe are brilliant:

Super cute and hilarious!  It's available for $20 in her shop.  And it was featured in a BOOK written by Deborah's husband and illustrated by her and her cats.

Here's Sammy 'helping' out with the printer.  I know it looks like he's just standing there and getting in the way but I think he's checking to see if the cartridge needed changing.  These are some really helpful cats:

And here he is earning his kibble in this cute 'Friendship' print:

Have you seen enough cute cats yet?  NO?  Well then, here's Billy helping Deborah take photos.  I really appreciate how happy he looks to be at work:

You can see more playful and colorful works of art that Deborah and Co. create right here in New York City by heading over to her Etsy shop.

Well that wraps up today's feature!  Many thanks to Deborah and her feline friends for opening up their home and sharing a little part of their city with us.  Thank you for reading!

Stephanie Maslow-Blackman