Why We Love Craft Fairs

Thank you for all your submissions to the Crafts in Chelsea Giveaway. The random number generator picked a winner: 
Janice of The Way The Cookie Crumbles is the lucky winner of this fall's Crafts in Chelsea giveaway. She loves craft fairs because "There's always something for everyone and you never know what you will find."
I had a wonderful time reading all your comments. Joanna really summarized it for most of you when she said:
What I love most about craft fairs is all the creative energy in the air, the festive atmosphere with so much visual eye candy around me. It is like heaven on earth! It is so fun to walk around and gaze at all the unique and inspiring works of art, whether large or small, and having the exposure to so many mixed medias all at one time in one place is the ultimate in an art culture experience. I love striking up conversations with the artists and gaining some insight to their point of view about the works of art they have created. It makes for a euphoric day!

I also love to purchase unique beautiful gifts for my family members and friends so they can enjoy beholding something they may not typically have the chance to ever own. The gift of art never disappoints!
And to all you vendors, the efforts and creative ideas you invest in your displays are truly appreciated as One and Doll stated:
I love how things are "marketed" at craft fairs-- how do you make earrings look cool, how to get people to look at your things...it's not just the creativity of the designs, its a step beyond that..
And in conclusion, MommyTrenches pulled it all together with this statement:
I love that craft fairs are basically etsy, but in person.
Thank you all for participating in this giveaway and for supporting handmade and thank you to all the vendors who contributed to the giveaway:

Clockwise from left to right 1. The Janice Headband from MollyMade, 2. Copper Bangles from Nemesis Jewelry, 3. Crystal Flower Earrings from Haru Creations, 4. Felt and Silver Ring from Digs by Diaz Studio, 5. Reversible Flannel and Polar Fleece Cloche from Ellis Design, 6. Pillow from Elements 4 Inspired Living, 7. I-Phone Case from D.S. Lookin, 8. Amigurumi Keychain with Trinket Box from AmiTown Creatures, 9. Pillowcase Tunic from BShorr Handmade Designs, 10. Silver Earrings from Irene C. Studio, 11. Magnet and Bookmark Set from LuCrafts, 12. Copper Lace Earrings from SdVDesigns, 13. Silver and Suede Tag Bracelet from Charms of Faith, 14. Set of Pinup Coasters from Cards in Stitches, 15. Pink Cupcake Amigurumi Bear from Amigurumi Kingdom