Adventures in Outdoor Craft Selling

Who doesn't love an outdoor Craft Fair? The way the sun glistens on shiny jewelry, the way the wind gently blows a carefully knitted scarf, the way the air is filled with the fresh scent of happiness and commerce........
It's all good until someone's tent ends up in a tree!

That is exactly what happened at CRAFTS IN CHELSEA II this past Spring. Who knew when over 120 local artists gathered on 21st street in Manhattan for this bi-annual event that approximately half of the vendors were located in what was essentially a wind tunnel that channeled gusts of up to 45 mph directly at tables, tents and canopies causing them to fly up, up and away?
Right now, as we speak, someone is still in OZ selling pottery.

I kid. The vendors that day were just happy it hadn't rained. Because that is how Crafts in Chelsea in October had begun. With the prediction of a Nor'easter. the kind of storm that will blow a ship off course or knock down a building.

But many still showed up, set up and MADE SALES. Because they are the strong, the hardy, the dedicated...the crazy.What will Crafts in Chelsea III -scheduled for October 16 on 21 street between 8-9 avenues hold for its participants this time? We do not know-there are still two days to go before we can read the 10 day forecast. But here are some things vendors will be doing to prepare:

1. TENT WEIGHTS. One easy and inexpensive way to try to hold your tent down is by bringing empty plastic gallon jugs to the venue and filling them with water, then attaching them to your tent legs with bungee cords.

2. SUNSCREEN. Just because it's Autumn doesn't mean you can't still get a burn. SPF any exposed areas.

3. LAYERS. More is better than less. You can always strip down at a street fair, but it's awful hard to find a way to sneak a pair of long johns on under a table.

4. HATS. Most of your body heat escapes from your head, so cover it up. Luckily, at most craft fairs, if you forget to bring a hat you can purchase a lovely handmade one two booths down.

5. FINGERLESS GLOVES. And you thought they were just for Hipsters on Etsy! Naw- these babies will allow you to count all the moola while still being able to bend them in freezing temperatures.

6. LEAVE YOUR PRIDE AT HOME. If the wind starts to knock over your display pieces, lay them flat on the table! They will still sell but have less of a chance of flying across the street.

7. MOVE. If you find yourself in a terrible location, scout out empty spaces--sometimes as little as 1/2 a block can make the difference between a tent in a tree and a full day of sales.

8. FOOD AND WATER. Keep your energy up with nutricious and delicious treats to get you through the day. Always have Emergency Chocolate. And a Flash.

See you all at Crafts in Chelsea III on October 16-which we hope will be a beautiful, crisp, clear Fall day!