Marvelous Mosaics to Do with Kids

Living in NYC, my children and I are always in awe of the mosaic tiles in subway stations. There are some beautiful ones to look at, and a few of my daughter's favorites include:

81st Street B/C line - American Museum of Natural History Station

Prince Street Station
N/R Prince Street Station

34th Street
8th Avenue and 34th Street Station

No matter where you live, there is sure to be creative inspiration for your own mosaic creations. It's a fun (and cheap!) activity to do with your kids and offers lots of wiggle room for creativity and experimentation. And what an assortment of materials you can use for a mosaic! Here are just a few ideas to get you going...

-Mosaic items, ideas include:
  • Colored beans
  • Pasta shells that are painted and dried
  • Cut or torn pieces of paper (magazines, wrapping paper, catalogs, old photos)
  • Buttons
  • Colored paperclips
  • Small pieces of yarn
  • Tissue paper
- Craft glue
- Cardboard (use scraps from mailing boxes, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.)
- Pencil

Draw an outline of an object on the cardboard with a pencil (start simple - first try doing a large heart, star, or rainbow). Use craft glue to adhere the various objects to the image, using different colors of mosaic items to fill in the image and the background. Experiment with different textures and colors of objects to create interesting art! Once you get the hang of it, try using smaller pieces to do more detailed images.