Fall Fashion Forecast, NewNew style

I know.  It's 90 degrees and you can't even imagine wearing anything but a short minidress and Havainas.  But Fall is coming.  I can tell from the Halloween decorations popping up just about everywhere.  So to help you get focused on the color trends for Fall, I've consulted the Pantone color experts.  Here are the Fall 2010 Runway colors:

Now for the fashion show!  I'm pleased to present the Fall 2010 Handmade Runway color trends interpreted by the NewNew team...

Starting with Ink and Red Cabbage with a hint of Kale in a luscious combination, this soft and stylish dress from BetterThanJam will bring you nicely into the season.  On sale for $130.

This eye-catching necklace from WishbyFelicity uses the Pantone colors Cornsilk, Golden and 
Red Red.  She uses Japanese glass beads, too, how cool is that?  $26.

The Jennifer Bag from BShorr really pops in Pantone color Blue Green, and it goes perfectly with Clay, Soil and Flambe!

JessSwitaj uses Grape, Orange Orange and Bean Sprout for these perfect-for-Fall neckties. $30 each.

LolaFalk knocks it out of Bryant Park with her Lola Mini-zip pouch.  She uses Grape, Cornsilk, Orange Orange, Soil, Red Red and Greened Blue from the Pantone palette.  $29.

Even your fridge can get all spruced up for Fall!  These magnets from PurtyBird use Red Cabbage, Cornsilk and a hint of Cosmos.  The combination is stunning and your fridge will be so proud.  
$6 for the set.

That concludes our Handmade Catwalk, thanks for watching!

Stephanie Maslow, Metalicious