Bitz of the City

The {NewNew} is proud to have Joan Huggard as one of it's many talented members. Joan is an amazing urban artist whose studio is located in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Her work expresses her love of the city and a visit to her Etsy shop, Citybitz, is like a tour of the Big Apple.

Gramercy Gate Compact $40.00
Gramercy Park, nestled within downtown Manhattan features many fine examples of architectural details from the 19th Century, and this wrought iron image featured in this card case is just one of them. Joan explains: "Wandering the city streets, I love to capture what I see. We are surrounded by art big and small, whether it be the city's architecture, restaurants, street and subway mosaics, painted street murals or signage. Each little "bit" around us makes New York City what it is today."

Coney island Mirror $85.00
So much better than a hotdog at Nathans! Each photo in this celebration of Coney Island is encased in hand soldered glass.

Chrysler Building Card Case $35.00
Joan's work, like the card case above, highlights the unique architectural details of New York and turns landmarks and familiar buildings into unique pieces of functional art.

Canal Street Pendant $25.00
This mosaic detail can be found at the Canal Street Subway Station in Manhattan. Joan has enclosed her photo in glass and used a traditional stained glass technique in construction.

Brooklyn Money Clip $25.00
Because Joan's studio is located in Brooklyn, many of her pieces feature imagery from that part of town.

Joan sells her pieces in person nearly every weekend.

One of the greatest things about buying local handmade art is the ability to meet and speak with craftspeople like Joan. A list of the venues that she will be at can be found on her website. Stop by and take a little "bit" of the city home with you.