The {NewNew} Etsy team is a group of New York crafters and artisans who collaborate on a variety of handmade venues and initiatives. This group is comprised of all volunteers, and Simone, from GROUNDSEL is one of the very best. Simone is a Director of the team, and does a huge amount of work behind the scenes and on the battlefront to contribute to our team's success. Today we celebrate her birthday and we say Thank You for everything she does.

Simone is a dumpster diver. She enjoys the process of restoring a discarded unloved item and infusing it with a new life and identity. She explains: "For me, many of these materials have special stories attached to them. I can recall the shopping trips that yielded the plastic bags I use in my work. And I have fond memories of fabric scraps that have been with me for years to finally find a reincarnation in a lining. I hope that these accessories will inspire you to see the potential for beauty in abandoned objects."

Simone is Switzerland when conflict arises. Always able to see all sides of a debate, she provides a calm voice of reason and common sense when passionate people have a conflict. It is not difficult to work on a team of 99% women when the majority of them are like Simone: professional, strong, fair, and possessing a great sense of humor.
One of Simone's greatest creations is eight years old and very well behaved. Simone is a great mom, and her daughter Elizabeth sells her creations on her Etsy shop in the section marked Made by Liz.

Simone is a tireless worker--whether it be crafting tutorials for a blog post, drafting a team guide, or making free snow globes--she is always willing to pitch in and help. She is a leader, a can-do person, and is always one of the first to volunteer. It is possible that she never sleeps. Here's an example of recent gifts she made for teachers:
Simone is a Cutie Patootie-- possessing a unique accent and an exotic ageless look. Her outer self reflects all of her inner qualities. And I don't even care if this paragraph makes it sound like I want to marry her. Simone is awesome.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMONE! You can find out more about Simone by reading her blog, CRAFT EVOLUTION, or visiting her Etsy shop.