Around the Corner: Wave Hill

Passing through my old neighborhood the other day, I decided to make a pit-stop and visit Wave Hill in Riverdale, NY.  Where Theodore Roosevelt's family, Mark Twain, and other notables once called home now is a 28-acre public garden overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades.  Wave Hill makes one seriously beautiful place to visit -- and it's right here in New York City!  Plus, there's a very cute gift shop and a cafe that served me the most divine latte...

FYI: Tuesday mornings -- FREE admission!

How to get here: Metro-North, Subway line #1, car, foot... click here for more info

So what's around your corner?  In the comments section below please recommend a place near you that's really neat to visit *and* either free or on-the-cheap.  Thanks!

See you next time,
Virginia Kraljevic