When you CARD enough to send the best...

One of my Mother's favorite expressions (in addition to: "Because I Said So" and "You're Not Going Out Dressed Like That!")  was "YOU BETTER WATCH THAT ATTITUDE, MISSY."  My mom could spot an eye roll at a thousand feet, and hear a comment muttered under my breath through thick concrete walls.  But while she hated a bad attitude, she would have loved these sassy cards from Gramkin  Paper Studio.  So stand up straight, get your hair out of your eyes, and celebrate Mom with one of these witty handmade cards.

If Snark is not your cup of tea, check out the other talented card makers on the {NewNew} York Etsy Team HERE.  You'll find lots of different ways to tell Mom you love her;  and we know Mom loves HANDMADE best!

Lorrie Veasey